Healing Harp

Therapeutic Music


As a Certified Clinical Musician, Cathleen is specially trained to play Therapeutic Harp Music at the bedside in hospitals and at home to support the recovery process. The soothing sounds of the Harp create a calming space that reduces anxiety, relieves pain and supports relaxation. One can simply relax and listen to the gentle sounds of the harp without feeling the need to interact.

To support those on Hospice, Cathleen’s Harp music lovingly comforts the dying. The gentle vibrations of the Harp soothe the patient who might be experiencing anxiety, fear or pain. Music Vigils with the Harp can be helpful to both the patient and family.

Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy

Combines the beauty of the music with the healing vibrations of the Harp for a complete Sound Massage. More information coming soon!

Ceremonies and Celebrations!

The beautiful sounds and vibrations of the Harp are a lovely addition and Blessing to your Ceremony. Cathleen’s Harp music is available for Weddings and Unions, Funerals, Spiritual Services and Retreats.


Additionally, Cathleen has joined with Jan Witman, Ordained Minister, to provide music and ritual for Celebrations including Weddings, House Blessings and Baby Blessings. They also specialize in Ceremony to support those experiencing Life Transitions and Endings, Health Changes and Honoring progress in Recovery.